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Life gets better when you live with PURPOSE. What would your life look like if you were truly living as the brilliant soul you were created to be?

I specialize in empowering men and women just like you to walk boldly and confidently into their purpose, overcome feelings and thoughts of depression, worthlessness, and unravel past pain so you are free to walk with purpose, passion, power, and peace. This is your life! Discover a new sense of self-worth, confidence, and create a beautiful life that reflects the best of you.


Work with me to create your authentic life full of passion - a life in alignment with who you truly are at your core. Book a life or couples coaching session. Join me for one of my courses. Read a book written just for you. Or, if you're ready to learn how to empower others, let me help you become an extraordinary Life Coach. Get ready to unleash your greatness and LOVE the life you lead. Let’s change the world together!

Life Coaching: The Textbook

for Coach Training

Starting at $60

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New Arrival


New Arrival

Walk in it! Walk in Your Purpose with

Boldness| Confidence | Power| Peace

Starting at $30


New Arrival

Relationship Wounds:

A Woman's Guide to Emotional Healing

Starting at $40

Ministry of Counseling: Introduction to Human Services

Starting at $40


New Arrival


New Arrival

The Marriage Manual

Becoming One

Starting at $45

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with Boldness|Confidence| Power| Peace 

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KNOW Your Power
OWN Your Power




Do you have a special gift to change the lives around you? Have you dreamed of becoming a LIFE COACH? Well, it's time to do what you love! Become a CERTIFIED LIFE COACH and turn your journey into a  BREAKTHROUGH for your clients!

Aligned with the International Coaching Federation Core Competencies, become a Professional Life Coach or a Master Life Coach. Training is available in 3 Tracks: a 40-hour Weekend Intensive, the 3-Month Coach Certification with a Live Cohort, or the Self-Paced Certification to work at your own pace. 

Change your future with CEO and President, Dr. Carletta Artis, Master Coach, Professor, Doctor of Psychology, Best-Selling Author, Radio & Television Host, International Keynote, and Motivational Speaker.

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Enrollment Open!! 

Enroll in

The Professional Life Coaching Certification.


New Cohort Starting Soon!

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Walk In Your Purpose!


Your Transformation Begins Here

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